Episode #10: Hand Tool Appliances

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9 thoughts on “Episode #10: Hand Tool Appliances

  1. Thanks for another good video Bob. I always learn something and I continue to look forward to the upcoming ones.

  2. Bob, welcome back and a nice podcast. I noticed off the bat that your bench hook has something not quite level about itself… It appears that the right side of it where the waste would be cut off, is planed downwards (from front to back); I assume this is to allow for clearance and a cleaner cut?

    As always, thank you for the great podcasts and for helping me (and others) to become better woodworkers.

    • Anthony,
      No planing was done to the bench hook. It’s just a piece of 3/4″ pine with a cleat screwed to the bottom and the top. What you might be seeing is how chewed up the board is from use. I saw completely through my work pieces and into the bench hook. This ensures I get full support on both sides of the kerf and a clean cut. It also protects my bench from errant saw cuts.

  3. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with your readers. You saved me a lot of time as I was going to try squaring the sides of a metal plane for shooting.

  4. Bob! Great stuff again. Did you make your skewed rabbetting plane I saw in this episode? I’ve been wanting to make one. Any helpful hints/suggestions or plans? I’ve made a couple of wooden smoothing planes to date. Thanks again for these great podcasts!

    • Ben,
      No, I did not make the skew rabbet plane. It is an old Greenfield Tool Co. plane that I got in a lot of about 8 planes that were basically unused since they were manufactured (stealth gloat ;)).

  5. Bob

    I tried to load the video on Hand tool appliances but my browser said that it couldn’t find it. Could you check on this for me? I found your blog and have been viewing your videos in order and they are very helpful.

    Thanks for posting them


    • Hi Harry,

      Seems to be working OK for me. You might try clearing your browser’s cache and trying again. Sometimes these things just get a glitch in them.

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