Quick Tip #2: Adjusting a Lever Cap

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3 thoughts on “Quick Tip #2: Adjusting a Lever Cap

  1. Thanks for taking the time and the trouble to address the question about the lever cap. I liked the detail of your method of adjustment. It is nice to find out what “works” for others.

    I appreciate your efforts.

  2. This and episode 11 were a great and timely combo for me. I only regret that I came in too late to enter the drawing for the #4 plane. As it happens, I just bought a #6 at an antique mall. It looked to be in pretty good condition and the price was only $40!

    This combination of videos helped me check the plane thoroughly and I can report that I’m please to find both the frog and the iron are well seated, the iron looks to be in pretty good shape, all the adjustments work correctly and the sole appears to be in pretty good condition. A few more minutes and I’ll be out in the shop with a piece of scrap and see how well it makes shavings.

    I also have an older wooden plane, about 16 or 18 inches I think, and it’s been sitting to one side waiting until I could find out what to do with it. It needs a little more love than my Bailey as the tote is broken and the iron needs some work. Thanks to these videos I now have a plan.

    As mentioned by another commentator, I also found you from “The Wood Whisperer” through a link to your podcast on making your own marking gauge. (I think I’ll be doing that soon.) Like the other fellow, I’ve bookmarked you as well so I can come back and see what’s new.

    Thanks for your contributions to the woodworking community with your podcasts!


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