Quick Tip #3: Adjusting a Bench Plane Frog

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8 thoughts on “Quick Tip #3: Adjusting a Bench Plane Frog

  1. Thanks for another tip. I’ll give this one a try.

    Btw – the sound was messed upon this one again. Fine on the left, only some very faint static on the right.

    • Jeff, thanks for the heads-up on the sound. I’m still working the bugs out of it but figured I’d at least get something up rather than wait for weeks since the single channel sound is really just a minor, temporary inconvenience. I think I have figured it out after the second Quick Tip where the sound was ok and this one where it was back to one channel. I think I’ll have it fixed for the next full length podcast.

  2. Great tip, Bob and one that I had not seen. That is a real time saver and a great example of the KISS principle.

  3. I have to agree with al the rest great tip and one I have never seen before. This is a real time saver. Thanks Bob!

  4. Hello Bob is just me or is your sound not quit up to snuff. I keep hearing noises in the background. I use headphones to listen and I keep thinking something is going on behind me. I’m just thinking that it might the stock mike on your camcorder. Other than that I’ve watched all your videos and like the site a lot. Oh this tips are great and all but have have considered offering them for download? I can never remember all this stuff and would like to refer back without having to watch the flash video seeing as how my connection isn’t the best. That’s all my complaining I really like your content.

    • Claude,
      It could be the sound of the video. When this video was shot, I was still playing with the new camera and mic, so the sound wasn’t consistent. I have most of the bugs worked out now.

      You can download the episodes by going through the video host site (blip.tv), or by using itunes, but I haven’t figured out an easy way to allow download from my site yet.

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