Quick Tip #5: Holding Stock for Shaping

Note: All of my old podcast videos have been moved to my YouTube channel.  You can now watch this video here:


5 thoughts on “Quick Tip #5: Holding Stock for Shaping

  1. Nice tips Bob. After watching the leg shaping video I immediately cut v-notches in one of my big clamps and it worked great.

    Did you build your shaving horse from any specific plans or is this your own interpretation?

      • Bob,

        Just wanted to tell you that while I am waiting for my new 12/4 cherry stock to acclimate to my workshop I have started building a shaving horse. And I used your clamping trick to hold the leg stock while I rounded them off with a draw knife. Much nicer to work this way than clamping it vertically sticking out of my bench’s leg vise.

        So once again, thanks for that tip!

  2. Great episode (as are all your others). I’m a big fan of handscrew clamps but had never seen one with the notch in the jaws. I can see so many advantages to having one when I am carving. I was wondering the method you used to notched your clamps. Did you have to disassemble them first?

    • No need to disassemble. I just opened them as wide as they would go and used my sash saw to saw out the notches. For the smaller clamp, I had to pivot the jaws to provide enough clearance for the saw, but I still didn’t need to disassemble.

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