Quick Tip #6: The Ring Trick

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8 thoughts on “Quick Tip #6: The Ring Trick

  1. Bob,

    Thanks for sharing you knowledge of woodworking. I am a teacher and don’t have time or money to take classes (other than the ones I teach, and need to keep my certification) in wood working. Your blog and awesome videos allow me to develop my knowledge, skills, and abilities. I really appreciate your work.

  2. Holy Cow man thats an awesome trick! And I don’t know if you added some lighting or not but I can see much better on this video. This has been a valuable 4 minutes. Thanks a lot!

  3. Nice tip, Bob. Keep them coming.

    For you single guys, or you guys who don’t want to become single when the wife sees you using your wedding band as a shop level, you can also use a heavy nut attached to a wire or coat hanger with a hook for the shaft of the drill.

    The point is the same: use plumb to find level. More weight and less friction is the key. Works great with larger bits too where the ring wont fit the drill shaft without unchucking.

  4. It works best if the cross-section of the ring is circular and does not have the typical flat inside diameter of a jewelry ring. This reduces the friction at the point of contact with the bit and allows the ring to respond in a more sensitive fashion.

  5. When my wife and I bought our wedding rings I told her that I was uncomfortable spending so much money on something that wasn’t a tool. Now I feel better.

    Thanks for the tip. Tried it today and it worked great!

  6. I know this is sacrilegious, but I just had to try this with a power drill since I’d just drilled a hole way off-level an hour before seeing this. I found – no surprise – that the ring-like things I tried all spun around wildly, but the very large eye bolt I tried worked great. The large hanging portion and the larger overall mass kept it from being too responsive with my single speed hand drill. Thanks for this and all the info you post!

  7. I’m 64 – why didn’t someone share the secret earlier! Great tip. Neat also that it will work using an eyebolt on the shank of an electric drill.

    Cheers – Miles in Enfield

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