Episode #25: Shop Made Wet Grinder

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3 thoughts on “Episode #25: Shop Made Wet Grinder

  1. Bob,
    Any chance you could put together an update on this project, tell us how well it works?

    I spent a night rehabbing chisels and managed to burn the corner of most of them in the process. I think the high-speed 6 inch will work for basic reshaping, but I’d like something safer (if slower) to grind up to the edge.

    Thanks very much and keep up the excellent blog!

  2. Andrew,
    I have only used the wet grinder a few times since building it since I only grind when I have honed away the hollow on the stones, but I really think it is great for minor work of re-establishing a hollow grind. I like it because I can grind right to the edge, so when I have to regind, I can skip the India stone. It grinds plenty fast enough for this purpose. It takes me only a minute or two to re-establish the hollow and raise a burr on the back. Then I go straight to the hard Arkansas stone. This saves steel too as you’re really not grinding away any more than you would using a coarse stone to raise the burr.

    Of course with a high speed grinder the grinding would probably take 10 seconds to do, but I would have to stop short of the edge to keep from overheating the thin steel at the edge, and go to a coarse stone to raise the initial burr, so I think it’s really a wash. For major reshaping and regrinding, I still use the high speed, hand cranked dry grinder, but I need to use it much less. I have actually put a big radius on the dry grinder’s wheel and use it more now for concave molding plane irons than anything else.

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