I Dedicate this Spoon to Roy Underhill

Rule #1 when carving spoons: Be mindful of the point on the hook knife. Who knew a tiny 1/8″ wide puncture wound on the back of a finger could bleed so much. Luckily there’s still enough carving left that I can remove all traces of the incident.



7 thoughts on “I Dedicate this Spoon to Roy Underhill

  1. Well, in my limited woodworking experiences, I’ve learned that the project is never really completed until it has drawn blood, however little it may be.

  2. I have been looking for a crooked knife since seeing the Follansbee spoon carving episode on The Woodwrights Shop. Where did you find yours, and are you happy with it? (most recent laceration notwithstanding–I mean it really wasn’t it’s fault….)

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