Do You Still Think Hand Tools Are Slow

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7 thoughts on “Do You Still Think Hand Tools Are Slow

  1. When I saw this the first time I had to rewind to make sure I heard right. 9 hours is incredible.

  2. i would be lucky to do it in 9 days!! bob, i have been trying to email you about some saw sharpening. the email link on your site does not seem to be working.

    • I’ll email you about the saws. The link opens a new message in your computer’s email client (MS Outlook on most computers, unless you are using a Mac). However, if you use an internet email service like yahoo or gmail, and you don’t have the Outlook application on your machine set up and synced to your internet mail provider, you will have to manually copy the email address and paste it into a new message composed in the internet email service window. No big deal. I can sed you an email to get the ball rolling, or you can always email me direct, not using the link by tying my email address,, into your web mial application.

  3. Incredible. I doubt that half of this would done today in an eight hour day with machines. I wonder how much time the Dominys’ spent on grain selection/matching?

  4. Makes me wonder……is that 9 hours of one man or 9 hours of the entire shop (maybe several folks)?

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