Veneering Practice

I spent several fun hours yesterday learning how to veneer from Frank. It was really cool, and I can see how this can be extremely addicting. I gave my new veneer hammer a good test run and think I’m ready to tackle the box front. The piece on top is a demo piece that Frank did the night before coming by my shop so he could show me the steps. It’s pine with a walnut burl veneer field and quarter sawn walnut veneer banding in a herringbone pattern. I scraped it down and put some shellac on it last night. The piece on the bottom is my practice piece from yesterday afternoon. It’s pine substrate with a walnut burl veneer field and maple burl veneer banding. I scraped it down last night as well and applied a few coats of shellac. For my first attempt at veneering, I’m thrilled. This is really cool stuff. You should try it.

Veneer Samples


8 thoughts on “Veneering Practice

    • We’ll see. Maybe I’ll film a bit during the group meeting. If not I may do something at some point. I’m not really the one to be explaining it though. I’m just getting started with this type of work myself.

  1. Frank V. taught me how to veneer with hide glue. He graciously invited me to his shop for a day of veneering instructions. I am now hooked on this fantastic aspect of woodworking. Veneer opens a door to beautiful wood not available in lumber form. I hope you continue to explore this great aspect of woodworking!

  2. Bob nice job and it does look like a lot of fun. I haven’t done any veneering yet myself but plan to do some projects and learn how to. I have been using hide glue now for the last couple of years and really like using it, both the flakes and liquid.

    Thanks for sharing and I will second a Pod Cast from you on how to.


  3. Steve Latta came up to AK last summer to teach a couple of classes. In one of them he spent some time teaching us how to hammer veneer. It is definitely fun. I would like to pursue a veneer project sometime.

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