Lee Valley Veritas® Saw File Holder

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4 thoughts on “Lee Valley Veritas® Saw File Holder

  1. Someone recently evaluated the Lee Valley Veritas Saw File Holder, and said that it made his saw filing results more consistent.

    Speaking of filing saws, I’ve read recently that it’s now harder to find good saw files. The posters mentioned Lee Valley and Lie Nielsen sell a good saw file, but is there some other source for saw files? One poster used to use Nicholson saw files, but said that the last time he used one he got about 8 inches along on a Disston and it failed. He now recommends F.L. Grobet made in Portugal. He also added that in the UK the Swedish makers Bahco make the best saw file in his opinion.

  2. Jason likes to use a collection of very special wooden blocks (made from finest offcuts) with a cocktail stick arrangement added for extra width, which seems to work well. Though he files his not many saws (maybe 5 at last count) not terribly often.

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