Episode #49: Chopping a Mortise

While I have demonstrated the process I use for chopping a mortise before in previous videos (e.g. porringer tea table, workbench, entertainment center doors), I’ve never actually just done an episode on the mortising process. So it hasn’t been easy for folks looking for this information to find it here, because it’s burried in other videos. A recent request from the editors over at Popular Woodworking Magazine provided me with the opportunity to remedy this situation. They were looking for a video on chopping a mortise for an online extra for the article that I have coming out in the June 2013 issue. So seeing as I had to chop some mortises recently anyway, I put this together.



3 thoughts on “Episode #49: Chopping a Mortise

  1. Another great video Bob. The method you use if very straight forward, and produces great results.

  2. Great video again (of course)… Some day I will embrace mortise and tenon. Seems like every time I try though I’ll get one side perfect and the other side all messed up. I’m sure it’s just a practice thing…

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