My Glue is Better than Your Glue

In the battle of PVA vs. hide glue…hide glue wins. Not that I didn’t already know that :-).

If you haven’t read this yet you should.


3 thoughts on “My Glue is Better than Your Glue

  1. Bob,

    Thanks for your blog and your videos. I have learned a ton from you.

    I’m just curious to get your thoughts on liquid hide glue. I realize it’s not traditional, but is it as strong as hot hide glue? It’s a heck of a lot more convenient for me right now. I was thinking about using it on my bench build.

    • I use the liquid stuff all the time. I love the stuff. In terms of its strength compared to the hot stuff, I really don’t know. I’ve never done any kind of test. I have read that the liquid isn’t as strong as the hot. That may be so, but Like I said, I’ve never tested it.

      What I do know is that the liquid hide glue is plenty strong enough for what I use it for, and likely for what most people would use it for (i.e. to replace the convenience of PVA in a bottle). It’s just as reversible as hot, just as transparent to finish, and more convenient. I wouldn’t use it in a high stress glueup where the glueline will be subject to high tension loads (e.g. luthiery or archery bow building) just in case. But I wouldn’t hesitate to use the hot in these cases. The hot has been used for hundreds of years for these situations.

      I think for the jobs that 99% of woodworkers need glue for, liquid hide glue is just fine.

  2. Hide glue might be a better glue BUT what I have a problem with is that it comes from animals…specifically dominated by horses. So in this since I won’t touch the stuff. As for everyone else…its there choice

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