Episode #51: Installing a Half Mortise Lock

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6 thoughts on “Episode #51: Installing a Half Mortise Lock

  1. Bob,
    Great tutorial, thanks for providing this. Question though: how about the solid board lid, won’t wood movement cause a problem with the salvage placement and potential binding? Any way to accommodate this?

    Tom Baker

    • It might cup a bit over time, just like the original. But I don’t expect major problems. The original is still around after almost 300 years. The snipe hinges provide for enough play that the lock shouldn’t bind. This may turn out to be an issue for those in the group who chose to go with more modern butt hinges with much tighter tolerances though.

  2. Bob,
    Thanks for your instruction. I’ve installed these locks before and recognize that your layout method is precise and takes out much of the fussing and fitting I normally experience. Nice job. Also, great job on the recent PWW article. Have to make sure the better half doesn’t spy it or it’s another project on the to build list.

    George Walker

  3. Bob,

    Excellent video! Thanks to you I was able to install the half mortise lock i purchased for my tool chest. Once again, thank you.


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