Finally Working Some Wood

Not much shop time working wood lately. Lots of saw filing. Slow progress patching a hole in my daughter’s bedroom ceiling (a story for another day; my Twitter followers know all about it). Exterior illumination (‘Tis the season).

I did manage to finish the firewood box though. I ended up using General Finishes “Milk Paint”. The local Woodcraft was out of the real stuff in black, and I was too impatient to wait for it to be shipped, so I tried a can of the General. It was OK. Just OK. It’s basically just flat acrylic paint, like you would find in a craft store, only in a big can instead of a little plastic squeeze bottle. It’s not milk paint, I’ll just leave it at that. Next time I’ll wait for the real stuff. It will be fine for a firewood box. I put a single coat of wiping varnish over it since it will live on my outdoor porch and be beat up pretty badly filling it with and removing firewood. I’m glad it’s done now that the 20 degree temperatures have left and the 70s have moved back in. Oh well. We’ll be ready for the next cold snap. I have a feeling we’re going to be in for quite a bit of cold and snow in the mid- Atlantic region this year.

At any rate, now I can move on to that 10’ board of mahogany :-). After the holiday.

Merry Christmas everyone!



12 thoughts on “Finally Working Some Wood

    • Yep, we get #2 eastern white pine. They also carry “clear pine” which is radiata pine from New Zealand, aspen, red oak, tulip poplar, and in some stores, soft maple. This piece was a combination of #2 EWP and radiata pine.

      • HD and Lowes must be very regional on its wood. I’ve not had much luck with either here in southern Tennessee except for the over priced oak and poplar.

        I’ve found a great source for different species but only in 4/4

        Merry Christmas all!!!

  1. Thanks Bob, and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Look forward to another great year of blogs and podcasts in 2014.

  2. I used the General Finishes Lamp Black on a small project for Chrisymas. I thought it was great! I presume “Real stuff”, you mean the dry mix in a paper bag?

    Nice wood box.

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