Episode #52: Mitered Painting Frame

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13 thoughts on “Episode #52: Mitered Painting Frame

  1. Nice to have you back, Bob! Another excellently explained tutorial – I thought it was hard enough making mouldings from scratch with a router!

    When you had to make more than 1 length of moulding, did you do them one after the other or concurrently?

  2. Great video Bob, many thanks for the information. Six coats of shellac, what pound cut did you mix up?

    • Ha, got me. I just throw some flakes in a jar and add alcohol to taste. I have no clue what pound cut it is. I’ve actually never measured. If I had to guess, and it would be a real rough guess based only on working with the canned full strength (3 lb cut) Zinser shellac and Seal Coat (1 lb cut I think), I’d say somewhere between a 1/2 lb and 1 lb cut. I like to work shellac really thin to avoid buildup and drips at edges.

  3. Very informative, thanks a lot Bob. Really liked this one.

    When you were wedging the entire frame in place against blocks for the various assembly portions, was there a “fourth block” present via the back wall, or were three blocks and an open end enough?

  4. Thank you. Well done, clear, concise, and informative.

    Do you source and cut your own glass and mat? Any suggestions?

    • No glass or mat in this case. Just canvas stretched over a frame. I do have a place near me that cuts glass inexpensively when required. For mat I’d likely go to the closest Michael’s or AC Moore and see what they had. I don’t do enough framing to bother with doing it myself.

  5. Bob, you mentioned in the finishing steps that you used Linseed Oil for the initial coat. Did you use a natural linseed oil without driers in it or did you use a normal Boiled Linseed Oil? If you used a natural one, what brand did you prefer?

    • I used raw (cold pressed) linseed oil from Kremer Pigments just because I had it. I’ve used the regular “boiled” linseed oil with driers that you can get in the hardware store too. No difference in the finish.

  6. Glad to see your videos are back!!! This was very informative. The fourth corner cut with saw to trim the length is very clever.!

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