Episode #53: Tuning a Rabbet Plane

Note: All of my old podcast videos have been moved to my YouTube channel.  You can now watch this video here:


11 thoughts on “Episode #53: Tuning a Rabbet Plane

  1. Bob,

    Thank You for this very enjoyable video. I have a few wooden planes that need a little TLC so this video helps a lot.

    Thanks again !


  2. Bob,
    2X on all the above comments. Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom, much appreciated and very helpful.

  3. Bob, my experience with woodies has been that tiny details matter. So the level of detail you provide is excellent. Now excuse me while I head to my shop to use your techniques to tune a 1″ skew plane I picked up some months ago.

  4. Thanks for the video, and I am looking forward to much more about the joinery and ,moulding planes. They are fascinating.

    Funny detail, overhere in The Netherlands, the straight rebate planes are much more common and skewed ones very rare. Across the see in England the situation is reversed.

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