New Winding Sticks

Just puttering in the shop the last few nights. I had some off cuts of fairly straight grained mahogany, a small piece of ebony,and some nice white maple. Then I spied a perfectly sized piece of riven oak. So I made two new pair of winding sticks to replace my old ones. There was nothing wrong with the old ones. They were perfectly functional, just not real pretty. So I just felt like making some new, pretty ones and giving my polissoir a good workout. I actually have a third pair in the works. I don’t really need three pair of winding sticks (heck I don’t even need two) but the third pair are a bit different. I consider making the third pair an exercise in experimental archeology. More in a few days.



2 thoughts on “New Winding Sticks

  1. Ditto on masa’s comment. I was sorry to see you drop back on your blogs. There are folks who make money blogging on traditional woodworking and for my money, you’re as good or better as an instructor, at least as well informed and they can’t hold a candle to “thanks for watching”.

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