A Little 17th Century Carving

Earlier this year, the museum I volunteer at took down a red oak tree on site. So throughout the volunteer season, we’ve been working on several projects from the wood that we split out of that tree. I’ve been working on a carved box (you can call it a bible box, or document box or whatever, but it’s just a box). I worked on carving the front panel over the weekend. The design was inspired by the work frequently done by Peter Follansbee. I’m not a big fan of working with oak in general, at least when it is sawn and dried. But working with green, riven stock is fun. It’s a different skill set from fine cabinetmaking really. And while I don’t like the look of flat sawn, kiln dried oak at all, I love the look of the riven stuff. So different.


3 thoughts on “A Little 17th Century Carving

  1. I’ve finally tracked you down, I agree with Tim your work neve ceases to amaze me either. We’ve been talking about you on the forum on how to do a raised arch panel but your old are expired and I’m hoping there is some information on this site, if you coud point me in the right direction I would much obliged.

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