Resurrecting Center Bits

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5 thoughts on “Resurrecting Center Bits

  1. Do any of these work in more “modern” braces, or so you need to track down an older wooden brace for best results?

    As nice as these seem, I wish someone would make some modern ones – they certainly seem like they’d be easier to manufacture than auger bits.

    I wonder if one could file a triangular center point onto an auger bit…

    • As Alan noted, they’ll work in a two jaw or four jaw chuck. Or a Fray brace. Or a traditional square chucked “gents” brace. They won’t work in a three jaw chuck, but neither will auger bits, or any other bit with a square shank.

  2. I think I still prefer forstner bits and I think thos new maxi cut are probably the best there is, however standard saw tooth forstner bits are very cumbersome to use with a brace till I came up with a solution. I drill a pilot hole to the depth I want the forstner to stop at, thanks to the pilot hole the saw teeth if your using those type are at full contact with the timber which makes boring so much easier with very little effort. Once the bit bottoms out it stops cutting of course if you wanted to keep going you can but you need to apply considerable pressure. In the past I used my entire body weight just to get it to bore.

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