Challenge Yourself in 2015

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6 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself in 2015

  1. Same here unfortunately for my type of work there isn’t a lot of turning but when I do I always enjoy it thoroughly especially the final bit when you friction polish it, the way it feels in your hands and looks just so damn good. I’m going to set a whole new year resolutions one of them will be to work harder and longer hours so I can take more time in being more accurate and cleaner in my work. I need a new bench so I hope that this will happen next year, I definitely don’t ned anymore tools but I want to start inlaying so I will use the voucher I got, wow there are so many tthings I want to do like japanese joinery to master that would be awesome. I want to set a full plate for myself, get off the internet and be more productive atleast limit myself on it to atleast half hour before heading off to bed. The list just goes on and on but I do hope whatever I set I actually stick to it because following through a set of goals is I think the hardest part of all. Self discipline is the key.

    I want to wish you all a very merry christmas and a fabulous new year, may all dreams, hopes and aspirations be full filled,

    Good Luck to you all and be safe over the holidays.

    • Nah, the legs are for a dressing table I started awhile ago and never finished. A few years ago i did a ball & claw carving demo for my woodworking club. In order to prepare for the demo, I had to carve 5 legs to different stages of completion because I didn’t have sufficient time to carve one from srart to completion. So I decided to make the legs into something rather than just use them for the demo. But they’ve been sitting around for several years now in a state of incomplete. So I figured I’d finally do some work on them. My goal is to finish the piece by our member exibition meeting in June.

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