Sharpening Gimlet Bits

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8 thoughts on “Sharpening Gimlet Bits

  1. When I built a Windsor Chair with Elia Bizzari he had just started using Gimlet bits again for boring the spindle holes in the bow. We found that they stuck exactly where you wanted them and could bore effectively at any angle because of the pointed profile. This was especially useful on the spindles just inside the compound bend of a continuous arm pattern as the hole has to be bored at a really acute angle. I started building up my set then and there and have continually found uses for them. Thanks for shining a light on them.

    • Yep, they’re extremely useful bits. I recently completed my set by finding a set of 7 unused, new old stock size #2 bits. Until that recent find, I had a complete set except for the #2. I had been looking for the #2 for a LOOOOONG time. I didn’t need 7 of them, but as hard as the #2s are to find, I’m not complaining, especially getting them brand new and sharp.

  2. I am willing to buy 1 of the 3. How much do you want for it or are you posting it to Ebay?

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