Building a Spokeshave – The Plans

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6 thoughts on “Building a Spokeshave – The Plans

  1. I’m glad to see your starting with the spokeshave, I will however go the Hock blade route. Thanks for doing this instruction.

  2. I’ve been sitting on the Veritas large spokeshave kit for a while now and just happen to have a remnant of hard maple that will be perfect for it, so I’ll be happy to follow along.

  3. many thanks Bob. I built my homemade choal forge..i’m dreaming to build my forge my plane irons, cutters, and planemaker floaters. Could you index me areliable source of o-1 steel in the right thickness that will ship in Europe?

    • You’re best bet for having O1 shipped to Italy might be eBay. I have a couple of sources that I use here in the states, including McMaster Carr (my preferred) and MSC Direct. I’m not sure if either of these places ships international though. I have bought O1 from eBay before and have not had a problem. You can find a pretty good selection of sizes as well.

  4. I have a bar of 1/8″x2″x12″ O1 that I purchased on eBay, so I think I’ll have a go at making my own blade. I’ve got your measurements from the drawings, but could you tell me at what angle you ground the bevel (cutting edge) on your blade?

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