Figure Can’t Trump Form

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One thought on “Figure Can’t Trump Form

  1. I too agree with this, throughout my clock making years I have sought out to make elabrate clocks and so far it has worked for me but there were the odd few like my mother a perfectionist, nit picker who prefers the simple yet elegant style, btw I love her to bits. So lately this is the direction I’ve headed, I’ve begun to develop my own style that expresses me, who I am, my cultural background, my appreciation and admiration for all cultures around the world all jam packed into one clock and soon furniture. I have seen a beautiful cabinet which took 6 years to build at first glance you said wow but as you keep looking at it you see it’s just way too busy, over the top, over crowded with beautiful inlays and marquetry, fancy timbers all over it that’s just over board in my opinion but that’s the thing it’s only my opinion and doesn’t constitute everyones to be the same.

    As I get older my taste buds begin to change and even though I’m not a fanatic over the shaker style furniture however I do like the idea of simplicity with elegance, which reminds me of this. Pine a timber much known to be associated with mass produced furniture a real shame yet it’s extremely hand tool friendly, easy to work with and the shakers liked it, used it. I predominantly use select hard woods that some give me grief beyond your wildest imagination and fet more over it than it’s worth. Wouldn’t it be nice if I adopted this simple phrase “keep it simple stupid.”

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