A Special Pair of Saws

A couple of months ago, I saw the very saddening news that Stephen Shepherd, proprietor of the Full Chisel Blog, had suffered a serious stroke. I have been a follower of Stephen’s site since its very early days and had communicated with Stephen somewhat regularly through email and our two blogs over the years. While we have never had the chance to meet in person, being physically separated by almost an entire continent, I have always considered Stephen a friend. So it was very hard for me to hear of this event. I was and continue to be very thankful that Stephen survived the ordeal and that his condition continues to slowly improve with therapy. But it is still hard to think that he may never put a tool to wood again. 

Recently, I was browsing the big auction site as I occasionally do, and I stumbled across two auctions for saws that looked very familiar to me. The seller advertised them as “Shepherd” gentleman’s saws. When I inquired with the seller if they were a friend of Stephen’s, they simply replied that they did not know Stephen. I didn’t ask where the seller obtained the saws from, but I did press the Buy It Now button on both to ensure that they continued to stay together and that they continued to do the work that they were so carefully crafted by Stephen’s hands to do.

I do hope that you continue to recover Stephen, and that by God’s blessing you are one day able to put tool to wood again. In the mean time, I hope that you can at least find some satisfaction in knowing that these saws will become a permanent addition to my tool kit, and that they will continue to live on and work as they were intended to do for at least the rest on my days. Godspeed my friend.


5 thoughts on “A Special Pair of Saws

  1. I am really sorry to hear this news I do certainly wish this man all the best and you too Bob, unfortunately strokes seem to be occurring more frequently in this so called better technologically advanced world. I hope he recovers soon and well done on your purchase, I’m sure it means a lot to him and you both.

  2. Thanks for passing along the sad news. I’ve always felt a kindred spirit in Stephen since I first came across his page way back in the dark ages of the internet. I was beginning to wonder since it had been so long since his last post… Prayers and hopes that he makes a quick recovery.

    Glad you were able to keep the pair of saws together. The detail on the one is lovely.

  3. Wow! Thank you Bob for letting us know what was going on with Mr Shepherd. I had been wondering about him. Praying for his continued recovery.

    Lovely pair of saws. Glad you were able to find them, and keep them together.


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