A Special Pair of Saws

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5 thoughts on “A Special Pair of Saws

  1. I am really sorry to hear this news I do certainly wish this man all the best and you too Bob, unfortunately strokes seem to be occurring more frequently in this so called better technologically advanced world. I hope he recovers soon and well done on your purchase, I’m sure it means a lot to him and you both.

  2. Thanks for passing along the sad news. I’ve always felt a kindred spirit in Stephen since I first came across his page way back in the dark ages of the internet. I was beginning to wonder since it had been so long since his last post… Prayers and hopes that he makes a quick recovery.

    Glad you were able to keep the pair of saws together. The detail on the one is lovely.

  3. Wow! Thank you Bob for letting us know what was going on with Mr Shepherd. I had been wondering about him. Praying for his continued recovery.

    Lovely pair of saws. Glad you were able to find them, and keep them together.


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