Logan Cabinet Shoppes?

I just returned from a week long “vacation” at our new home in the mountains of VA. I say vacation but there wasn’t much leisure involved. Just lots of cleaning, and we still haven’t finished. But we did manage to get some time to walk our 24 acres.  


I also had a little time to check this out.  

Compared to my current shop, this one is over 3 times larger. It needs work, but it will make a good project once the rest of the house is done. We just got back to NJ but I’m already anxious to get back to VA. 

12 thoughts on “Logan Cabinet Shoppes?

  1. Your opening line immediately reminded me of laurel & Hardy singing:

    In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia,
    On the trail of the lonesome pine—
    In the pale moonshine our hearts entwine,
    Where she carved her name and I carved mine;
    Oh, June, like the mountains I’m blue—
    Like the pine I am lonesome for you,
    In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia,
    On the trail of the lonesome pine.

    Wonderful looking location but what’s the internet conncetion like 🙂

  2. Appears a shop name change is in order. Good luck on the new home & shop, I’m jealous.

  3. Well congats are in order your living every mans dream certainly mine, we had heavy rains and my shed got flooded luckily I kept timber on stilts but not everything was protected. I suggest you take every precaution the same doesn’t happen to you. Best of luck in your new home, not only do you now have more shop space but a view to inspire you.

  4. I could definitely settle there! What a beautiful property….Using that shop building as a basis, you can gradually transform it into your dream shop. Best wishes & enjoy!

  5. Very cool Bob, congratulations on a while new house of projects! Beautiful country down there and close to some great sights too like Monticello and Poplar Forest. Well I don’t know where you are in VA, but closer than NJ anyway.

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