With Every Ending There Is A New Beginning

The Logan Cabinet Shoppe, as it was.

You might have seen my post from a few weeks ago on my new workshop. Well, it is with mixed feelings today that I am officially closing down the Logan Cabinet Shoppe. This will be my official last blog post under that name.

Recently, my family and I have made the decision to pull up our roots and make a permanent move from Logan Township, NJ to southwest VA. It is somewhat bittersweet, because we have put so much work into our current home, and made so many great friends here, but we know that this is the best thing for our family going forward.

The official move will take place at the end of June, however, we have already started the process. Over Memorial weekend, I disassembled the shop, packed everything up, and we began moving south. So I won’t be doing any woodworking in the near term.

The good news is that I’ll be gaining a 340 sq. ft. standalone shop. The added space of the new shop will give me the opportunity to do some things that I’ve only dreamed about doing in my NJ shop. However, the building needs a bit of work before I can move in. So over the next few months, I’ll be rehabbing the shop and making it ready for the new projects that I have in mind. But for now, everything is simply stacked up in boxes and piles awaiting a new home.

The move also gives me an opportunity to build a new web site.  You can find Bob Rozaieski Fine Woodworking at brfinewoodworking.com.  I hope to continue my blogging over on the new site once I have the new workshop all set up.

Thanks for your support for all of the years I’ve been doing this!  See you from Virginia!

empty shop
“Savannah, fare you well…”


16 thoughts on “With Every Ending There Is A New Beginning

  1. For what it’s worth Bob, I think you have a talent for teaching. I’ve been an avid follower of your blog and videos and have learned plenty from them. As I live across the pond I won’t be able to take a course in person, but look forward to the return of your presence on line.
    I wish you and your family well for the move and good fortune in your new home.
    No pressure, but I have already subscribed. When’s the first video due 😁
    Best regards, Mark.

    • No pressure, eh!? 😉

      The move won’t occur until the end of the month. I’ll likely start working on the new shop some time in mid to late July. So look for something on the shop renovation to come out around the end of July.

  2. Bob
    Living in central Virginia myself I am sure you will find SW Virginia beautiful and the weather gives a great mix of all seasons.
    Looking forward to your transition and would love to get the opportunity to take one of your upcoming classes.
    Having taken a class with Sir Roy I am very much infatuated with the lore of hand tools.

  3. Hi Bob, very happy for you and your family. The property looks beautiful. Is there any work down there? Are you going into a new line of work?

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    Best wishes to Bob at the former Logan Cabinet Shoppe. I used bench as part of the inspiration for mine. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  5. Wow–how exciting! Can’t wait to see your work in Virginia…and follow along as you start your new venture (Warning: I may steal shop ideas; I’m about to set up mine, too!)

  6. Congrats on the move, bob. In my experience, NJ is a fantastic place to be from, but we haven’t regretted moving to less crowded climes for a second.

    Taxes will be a bit better in VA, too… 😉

    Enjoy setting up the new shop- very exciting.


    • Thanks Raney! Couldn’t agree with you more, and I expect we’ll have no regrets either. We already loath coming back every time we spend a few days down there. I’ll be glad to leave the 75 minute commute and northeast rat race behind.

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