Episode #19: Porringer Tea Table – The Big Finish

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SketchUp Model of the Porringer Table

I got an email Friday from a reader/viewer with a fantastic attachment. Kevin Anderson thought it would be an interesting challenge to model the legs of the tea table in SketchUp so he went ahead and modeled the table. I’ve just started using SketchUp myself and thought this was a fantastic modeling. I’m not sure how Kevin managed to figure out how to model the legs, but I think he did an awesome job.


He used all of the proportions from the design notes, so the drawing is true to scale (just scaled up to make it easier to model in SketchUp). Kevin has allowed me to share the file so here it is. I think it allows one to get a really good feel for what the finished piece is going to look like. It’s also a nice way to “take it apart” to get an idea for how the whole thing goes together. It’s a really great tool.

Thanks very much Kevin for the work you put into this. I can’t imagine the time it must have taken to do. I added the woodtone shading, hope you don’t mind :).